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Please make a member in a reply to this post. Copy/paste the following into the comment:

Position (Site-owner or Member):
Fave plant:
Fave season:
How is your garden doing?:
Anything Extra:

After making a member, you gain full permission to post on any forums and comment on the blog. I hope you find this useful! Well, people can't make an account without it! BTW, when Weebly gets an app for having people make members, I'm going to use it. I'll be back with my member thing soon.
5/23/2010 17:07:17

For me:

Username: FloraFlora
Position (Site-owner, or Member): Site-owner
Fave plant: Roses, especially in bloom (that's why the URL for this site contains "bloomingroses")
Fave season: Spring
How is your garden doing?: Perfectly! Everything's in bloom!
Anything Extra: I created this site.

P.S. I'm now going to make some members, based on their interest in plants and how much they're caught up in the community Status Members. Those people get an email sent to them with their own badge based on the Bloomingroses logo, and they may put "Status Member" in front of their names every time they comment or post in the forums, so everybody knows they have status!

12/18/2010 19:04:54

Username: lila623911
Position (Site-owner or Member):member
Fave plant: rose
Fave season:summer
How is your garden doing?:exellent!
Anything Extra:i dont know.


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    I created this website for you! That's enough! Call me FloraFlora, and I like plants. And gardening. (No, my real name isn't Flora. I just like using it because "Flora" means "flower" in Spanish.


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