Let's start by talking about garden basics. If any of your questions aren't here, make a comment and I'll add them. You can also go to the Help Center (Forums) to get extra information.

What time of year should I start planting?

It depends. Here's a simple chart for the type of plant and the time of year you should start planting:
Annuals (as seedlings): Spring
Annuals (as seeds) Spring, they germinate quickly
Bulbs (spring-blooming): Autumn

I have a lot of shade in my garden area. What types of plants would grow well there?

Shade's actually an advantage, a place where you can cool off on hot days. Ferns and mosses work well in shade, and so do impatiens, especially white ones. My myrtle grows in the shade, and also forget-me-nots. Add phlox and hyacinths to that list, and you see there are tons of flowers that grow in shady areas!

I have a lot of sun in my garden area. What types of plants would grow well there?

Sunflowers would be a definite choice, but there are some drawbacks, so consider them before rushing off to plant them:
•Sunflowers are usually quite large, and they would be blocking the light other would get.
•Did you know they SPREAD?

However, sunflowers also come in dwarf sizes, if the height is as problem. Still,  the dwarf sizes are big.

Tulips and daffodils work well in sun to part sun, and impatiens work well in part sun too. However, grass is the all-time all-different-kinds-of-light, and he'll work well in sun, so how about making that part of your garden part of the lawn?

My evergreens keep turning brown and dying! What should I do to save the rest?

Your trees have spider-mites, small insects that do bad things to evergreens. Simply spray them with water immediately every time you see any brown, and that will kill the spider-mites. If they're in an area where they get a lot of sun, you could consider transplanting them somewhere else.


Add other comments and questions by commenting to the Ask Floraflora blog post, please. After I see them I will add them here, with answers.
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