This is the traditional first day of summer! Yay! (It might have actually started early this year)

I wish all my visitors a merry summer and a happy Independence Day!
News Flash!

•More people came to the site today than yesterday
•Now a Bloomingroses logo has been created
•Now you have a place to make members
•I have an idea for what the Plant-A-Month of June should be, a rose
•About what fraction of your garden is doing well? Please reply.

That's not everything…
The Bloomingroses logo! I thought of making this the header image, but it's way too small.
Please make a member in a reply to this post. Copy/paste the following into the comment:

Position (Site-owner or Member):
Fave plant:
Fave season:
How is your garden doing?:
Anything Extra:

After making a member, you gain full permission to post on any forums and comment on the blog. I hope you find this useful! Well, people can't make an account without it! BTW, when Weebly gets an app for having people make members, I'm going to use it. I'll be back with my member thing soon.
This is the post where you ask me any questions you have about gardening in a comment, and I'll answer in another comment.  Ask away! Please only post on-topic posts.

P.S. I'll have another News Flash coming soon!
Well, what should it be? I have no idea. Of course, you can see the Mayflower picture for this month in the blog sidebar. Please comment, telling me what it should be! June is coming up! Of course, I don't have to change the plant on the first of every month. I have some time.

•The website was created yesterday
•More and more people are coming!
•Plant-A-Month for this month is mayflowers
•Tulips are starting to lose their petals
•May=what all the seed packets say is planting time!
•Call me FloraFlora. That is my official name.
•My garden is looking beautiful.
•Visitors are starting to have fun.
•I have no idea what the Plant-A-Month of June should be. Do they have Juneflowers? Or Julyflowers?

Well…anybody like this post?
This is the garden blog! I'll post more later. Please comment! This can be another place to talk, besides the Forums…


    I created this website for you! That's enough! Call me FloraFlora, and I like plants. And gardening. (No, my real name isn't Flora. I just like using it because "Flora" means "flower" in Spanish.


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